Small Groups will kickoff soon!

Don't miss this opportunity to connect and cultivate deep, rich community!

Life is better together and everyone needs a place to belong. Small groups help make that connection possible with people you can go deep with in a safe and healthy environment. After all– we grow best in community!

Choose and Option Below

Small Groups start this Fall and take place on different nights of the week in different locations throughout the city. We can help you find one that fits your schedule!

Lead a Group

Would you like to host and lead a small group in your home? We have many resources for you to choose from and will provide training on how to facilitate a great small group. 

Host a Group

You can host a small group in your home without having to lead it! We have some who are willing to lead but who are not able to host. 

Find a Group

Looking to attend a small group and develop meaningful relationships? Let us know what time of week works best and what topics might interest you.